Christin Olesen

Hello, I’m Christin, a Stockholm-based choreographer with a global reach. As a dedicated artist in both dancing and choreography, I strongly believe that dancing has the power to make the world a better place. Through movement and expression, I strive to instill joy, inspiration, and beauty in everything I create.
My journey as a dancer has been filled with incredible experiences, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to trade my skills abroad for many years. My education at Broadway Dance Centre in New York, combined with extensive training in the vibrant dance scene of Los Angeles, has truly shaped me into the creator I am today. Working and dancing in London has also enriched my artistic path, providing invaluable insights along the way.
I have had the privilege of dancing on grand stages alongside world-renowned artists, as well as in smaller, more intimate spaces, discovering the beauty in both. Whether it's at Wembley Stadium or a cozy theatre, I cherish the variety and opportunities this industry brings. From tours to TV shows, commercials to musical theatre, every experience has fueled my passion.
At the core of my choreography lies the timeless elegance and energy of jazz. Its rhythm and fluidity have always resonated deeply with me, serving as the foundation upon which I build my creations. However, I am a firm believer that artistry is not limited by constraints or rules, but rather flourishes when explored through various influences.
Organic movement is key and music is my heartbeat. It ignites my creativity and breathes life into my choreography. I want my dancers to feel the same. I encourage them to execute my choreography with confidence, precision, and focus, while also adding different textures and layers to create visually captivating performances. I strive to create performances that touch your soul, and that compel you to join in on the fun. I always add a touch of humor and funk to infuse my work with a unique energy. By blending humor with intricate movements, I aim to captivate and uplift, leaving you in awe.
Check out my webpage for a collection of my works. I provide choreography and movement direction for artists, commercials, film, events, fashion shows, music videos, and more. I tailor my services to your specific requests, ensuring that the talent I bring onboard truly represents your ideas and desires.
Feel free to reach out. I'm excited to hear your vision and make magic together.
Much love, Christin.
movement direction